Executive Coaching

At Alethia we understand that Personal Enhancement is a comprehensive strategy made to fit each person’s strengths, disciplines, personality, and success motivators. Before benchmarks can be set, we define each individual’s behavior, attitude and background by getting to know the person.

We Emphasize Individual Focus In:

Behavioral Coaching
Enhances and works to optimize interpersonal and relational skills. We work with the positive attributes to improve application.

Performance Coaching
Builds on strengths, focuses on weaknesses to increase output, improves people management skills, time management, delegation, and decision-making.

Developmental Coaching
Targets the aspiring manager or the recently promoted, and seeks to align his or her presence and enhance interpersonal skills with the culture of the company and outside community.

Business Culture
Emerging from the nature of the company and its mission, we align the executive with the many facets of his or her working environment.