List of Assessments

Each of the assessments below are FREE of charge and should be used as a reference only to see IF you need coaching or consulting.  You can scroll over any one of the assessments, click to access, print them out and self-score them.

In addition to these free assessments, you can contact us to administer any one of the more paid comprehensive assessments, as well as schedule a complimentary consultation.

Born to Be an Entrepreneur
Business or Job
Career Satisfaction Scale
Confident or Conceited
Conflict Management Measure
Delegation Measure
Do I Know Me
Financial Plan Strength
Focused For Business Success
Inspiration and Influence Index
Is Now the Time for a Change
Leadership Potential
Real Coachibility
Self Actualization Assessment
Self Motivation Inventory
Selling or Telling
Stress Coping Skills Index
The Right Life Balance
Who Are You Marketing To
Who Do You See In The Mirror